Sunday, May 29, 2016

DIY 3D Paper Butterflies

Let's see a simple craft for children to make in this summer.

Things needed
  • Color papers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Cut the color papers in square shape using pencil and ruler.

Let's begin with the procedure. Take a square piece of paper.

As shown in step 1 join two opposite vertices of the square sheath of paper and crease properly along the folded part. Now join the other two opposite vertices as shown in step 3. don't forget to crease along the folded edges. Now, join two opposite sides as shown in step 4.

As shown in step 5, fold the sides inside. Do the same to the other side as shown in step 6. Fold the above formed structure in middle as shown in step 7. 

Draw a semicircle as shown in step 9 and cut along it as shown above. After which, unfold the last fold as shown in step 12.

As shown in step 13, fold the side inwards, Repeat it for other side as shown in step 14. Now fold the tip formed from step 14 and attach it to the front from backwards which results in step 15. Hold the middle of the tip and fold the sides a little as shown in step 16.

Tada.!! 16 sweet steps, 3D butterflies are ready.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Broken Mirror Art

Hi Folks.!! Hope you all are doing good. It's been a long time I updated the blog. Here, I come up with an interesting DIY.
Have you ever break a mirror and felt sorry about it?? Now its time to feel happy for the same. Yesss!! You heard it right. Here, I show you a DIY with broken mirror pieces.

Things you need:
  • Broken mirror
  • Carbboard piece
  • Glue gun 
  • Silver paint or any paint color of your choice (preferably shiny)
  • Paint brush
  • Paper/cloth bag 
  • Hammer

Let's begin with the process.

Place the mirror pieces in the paper bag. Gently tap it using a hammer a few times to that it breaks in to small pieces as below.

Now, take the cardboard piece and paint it with the color of your choice. I painted it with pearl metallic silver color.

Carefully arrange mirror pieces as below on the cardboard piece in any pattern you desire. Be sure to leave very little gap between two pieces of mirror.

After you have arranged mirror pieces in pattern you desire, start sticking them using glue gun. While sticking, make sure to follow a pattern so you won't miss out sticking any. Keep it aside for a while to let it dry completely. Once it dried, gently overturn to find any piece that's not sticked properly to stick it back again.

Yipeee. That's it!! you're done... Secure it on the wall using nails. Isn't it so simple??

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

DIY Daily Accessories storage box

Wanna organize your daily accessories in a better way?? But don't wanna spend many bucks on it!! Yess, you can do that. You just need a carton box and a few scrapbook papers and this is how it looks.

Let's see how to prepare. Supplies needed
  • Carton Box (I used surf box)
  • Glue gun
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Scissors/ Detail Knife
  • Paper glue
  • Mod podge
  • Scrapbook papers

Take carton box and mark a line horizontally at 5cm from top. Use detail knife/scissors to cut along marked line.

Similarly, trace and cut along a side and bottom of the box as below to form door like structure.

Now, take a carton sheet and cut a piece according to size of the carton box for horizontal separation.

Similarly, cut a piece for vertical separation and fix them as below using glue gun.

Now its time to cover it scrapbook papers. First cover all the sides and inside part of box carefully with scrapbook papers after which mod podge all over. 

Tada!! Our storage box is ready. You can organize your daily accessories in this cute little box. Isn't it looking cool.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Simple Block Wall Art

Have you ever heard of Block wall Art? Its simple and colorful way of decorating your living room wall. Mix and match colors that enhances your living room, that is all you have to do.

Lets start with the supplies needed
  • Cardboard piece 
  • Colors of your choice
  • Paint brush
  • Cello-tape
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Take cardboard piece of any shape and size yo wish and paint it with white color. Keep it aside for sometime for drying. Once its completely dried, mark out the vertices of the design you have decided with.
As I m not an expert in painting, I had stuck cello-tape along the lines joining the vertices marked as shown in below image. (Tip: Once we are done with painting, cello-tape should be removed. This way the shape of colored blocks will be perfect)

Yipee!! Now its time to paint. Wake up the kid in you and play with colors ;) Paint blocks one by one as below. (Tip: Try to use bright colors)

Don't get panic seeing the edges. Once you remove cello-tape, it will be a perfect straight edge. This is how it looks once you have completed painting all blocks.

Now, slowly remove cello-tape as shown below.

 Tada!! Your block wall art is ready. Isn't it so simple??

Thank you for dropping by. Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Have a nice day:)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sand Art Gel wax candle

Hello guys. Hope you are all doing great. It's been a long time I had posted something. Here, I come with simple yet elegant sand art gel wax candle. Making gel wax candle with colorful sand base gives a graceful look to the candle when it's lit.

Let's check out the procedure of making it. Here are the supplies needed.
  • Color sand
  • Gel wax
  • Candle wick and thread
  • Glass tumbler

Bend the tumbler a little and pour sand of different colors one after the other along walls of the glass tumbler as shown in below picture. Choose colors alternatively so it doesn't match colors adjacent and beneath it. This gives wavy look. Final look after filling in above said pattern with different colors sand is as shown in picture at bottom right corner.

You can also let your creativity play its role while playing with sand to form different designs.

Now take a thin stick and slide it down along the wall of tumbler to leave a pattern as below. (This is optional process)

It's time to insert candle wick and thread. Place the candle wick and thread at center of tumbler and insert it little in to the sand.

Melt gel wax using double boiling technique so that it wouldn't burn. Once the gel wax is melted properly, pour it in glass tumbler carefully.

Held the candle wick firmly with the help of stick like structure until gel wax cools down. Once the wax cools down, leaving a half inch cut extra part of candle wick as shown below.

Yipee, now your Gel Wax candle is ready!!

Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day :)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

DIY. Star Burst Mirror

Want to decorate your living room or that plain wall to add color to your living room?? Well, here is one such DIY for you which falls well in budget too. Yuhoo, isn't cool.!!

Let's start with the supplies needed
  • Wooden dowels of 5mm thickness of varied heights ( I used 4 different heights of 14", 13", 12" and 11" inches)
  • Glue gun 
  • 9" round mirror
  • 8" round wooden piece
  • Paint brush
  • Paint color of your choice
  • Varnish gloss finish
  • Ruler
  • Small mirrors of varied sizes
  • Fevicol (optional)
  • Markers of different colors

Make template of the design you want to make, so that it would be easy to stick dowels in symmetry. I used different color for each length of dowel used to avoid confusion while sticking the dowels on wooden piece.
Here is the template I prepared.

Stick above template on the wooden piece using cello tape. Now, extend the lines on to wooden piece using ruler and same colored markers.

Its time to stick dowels now. Stick dowels one by one using hot glue gun.

I had stuck 14" dowels on black line, 12" dowels on blue line, 13" dowels on orange line and 11" dowels on green line)

Now, spread cardboard sheets on the floor and place above piece on some tool to elevate it to some height which makes painting it easy.

Paint dowels one after the other with any color of your choice. I used Vandyke Brown of Camel fabrica acrylic colors. 

Instead of painting it completely, you can also try giving stokes of colors like below. (I got this idea while I was half through, hence made it on other side to show you guys)

Once you have done with painting, leave it for a couple of hours to let it dry completely. Once it's completely dried, give one or two coats of varnish clear gloss and allow it to dry.
Its time to stick mirrors. I have used 3 different sizes of mirrors of 1", 0.8", 0.5" diameter. Decide out on some pattern and stick mirrors accordingly one by one. Now, using hot glue or fevicol secure 9" round mirror in the center. Tada.!! Star burst mirror is ready. :)
Inspired from Let's make it lovely

Here are a few pics for you all.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this. Thank you for dropping by.