Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pistachio Shells Candle Votive

Are you a pistachio lover?? Yoo.!! Thumbs up.. Here is a perfect DIY for you. Moreover, this is ideal for the upcoming festive season and the best part is its very simple to make. All you need to do is store pistachio shells whenever you have it.

Let's start with the supplies needed.
  •  Pistachio shells
  •  Fevicryl Pearl metallic gold color
  •  Thick cardboard piece
  •  Scissors/ Detail Knife
  •  Marker
  •  Hot glue gun
  •  Tea-light candle 
  •  Zip-lock cover  

Drop pistachio shells in a zip-lock cover and shake it along with Fevicryl Pearl metallic gold color and a few drops of water, until all pistachio shells are covered with color (Instead you can also spray paint the pistachio shells). Spread the painted shells on a sheet to dry out color for about an hour.

Meanwhile, trace out one bigger circle (of diameter approximately 10 cm or more/less depending on the size of votive you wish to make) and one smaller circle (of diameter equal to that of tea-light candle) on cardboard using marker. Use detail knife/scissors to cut along the traced circles. Fix tea-light candle in the circular space formed in such a way that only 0.5cm of tea-light candle is above cardboard base.

Using hot-glue gun, stick colored shells one by one around tea-light candle at around 45 degree angle for effective detailing. Place the shells of next layer in between two shells of before layer. In this fashion, stick the shells until the cardboard is filled. (Tip: Stick the narrow ones first as the gap between two shells increases as we move on to next layers, that's where wider ones comes to the rescue in filling those gaps)

Beautiful pistachio shells candle votive is ready!!!

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  1. That is adorable!! I love making things out of other things!! #HomeMattersParty

  2. I don't like pistachios but my husband does, guess what's going on my grocery list so he can save me the shells. hehe. Thanks for sharing your project at Welcome Home Wednesdays Linky Party!