Sunday, December 13, 2015

DIY!! Christmas themed Gel wax candle

Whaooo.!! Are you bored of decorating home for upcoming Christmas in same old routine style?? Yipee.. You're at right place. Here is a DIY gel wax candle based on Christmas theme.

Let's get started with supplies needed:
  • Gel wax
  • Candle wick
  • Medium glass tumbler
  • Colors (green, maroon, gold etc)
  • Paint brush
  • Cardboard piece
  • Scissors/Sharp knife
  • Marker
  • Christmas tree decorative items (Optional)

There are two ways to prepare decorative items for candle.

Process 1:

Here, let's see how to prepare decorative items using cardboard. First, trace out tree shape and cut along the traced path. Along with this, trace and cut star shape on cardboard sheet. I have also cut 4 small square pieces to attach them together forming a gift box. Now, paint the tree with green color on both sides, star with gold color or any color of your choice. Also, paint four sides of gift box with some color of your choice (I have used maroon to color it). Oops.! I forgot to click picture after painting :( But yea, its visible in the final image.

Process 2:

Here, we'll see using gel wax.Heat the gel wax, mix color of your choice and pour it in the star shaped mold. If you don't have a mold prepare one by yourself (Cut a cardboard sheet and form star shape by folding it as above).

Pour gel wax on a plate, let it cool down a bit. Once it cools down, cut out tree shape from it as above.

Take glass tumbler and fix wick on the bottom using glue. Sprinkle little color sand on the bottom of the glass to give little colorful effect for candle (This is an optional process).

Now pour heated wax in the glass and carefully insert the items we prepared till now. If you're using gel based items, you need to be extremely careful on when to insert them as it may cause them to melt if inserted when the wax is hot.
I have used the ones made out of cardboard sheet (Wanted to be on a safer side ;) ). After inserting the items pour little more hot wax to nullify any disturbances caused while inserting decorative items.

Tada.!! Here is the final look of the candle.

Here are the lighted pics of the candle. :)

Thank you for dropping by.

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